iPhone 13 Pro Max White Screen WSOD problem ; Repair in Sungai Besi

  Discovering an iPhone 13 Pro Max with the WSOD (White screen of Death) problem  is disheartening. Fear not, we have a solution readily available to all our customers. Our shop maintains a ready stock of genuine parts, ensuring a prompt repair process, even for problems rejected by other shops. Customers from Sungai Besi and […]

Restoring iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera Lens In Maluri

Expert Technician for iPhone Camera Encountering a cracked camera lens on your iPhone 13 Pro Max is distressing, jeopardizing your ability to capture memories. Recently, a customer approached us with a worrisome issue – a cracked camera lens on her iPhone 13 Pro Max. Our skilled team immediately sprung into action, ensuring a thorough and […]