Repair iPhone 8 Plus Battery in Sungai Besi


Discovering a bloated battery in your iPhone 8 Plus is alarming, especially when it pushes the screen. Our efficient repair process quickly addresses this issue, ensuring your device returns to its optimal state promptly. A recent customer brought in an iPhone 8 Plus with a severely swollen battery causing the screen to lift. Recognizing the urgency, our skilled team sprang into action. In just 30 minutes, our adept technicians replaced the bloated battery, effectively resolving the problem.

This quick repair not only eliminated the bloating issue but also prevented further device damage. The customer left our facility with an iPhone 8 Plus that not only functioned flawlessly but also had its screen back in place. This successful and efficient repair is a testament to our expertise and commitment to swift solutions. In conclusion, facing a bloated battery concern in your iPhone 8 Plus? Our rapid repair process guarantees prompt resolution. Trust our skilled team to replace the battery, restoring your device’s functionality and your peace of mind.


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